Cashflow Planning

The Big ‘What If’ Questions…

Cash flow planning is a tool that we use to answer those “what if” questions:

  • What happens if I retire at 61?
  • What if I stop work now – do I have enough money?
  • What if I spend this much every month – when will I run out of money?

The list is almost endless…

By examining your current financial position and expected assets and income, our cash flow planning tools can help to build a personalised picture of your financial position now and into the future, so the difficult questions can be answered. We do this by looking at all assets and all possible sources of income. This can include pensions, investment income, buy to let properties, and reducing work income as you transition into retirement.

Where potential shortfalls are identified, we can help you to remain focused on achieving your objectives and dreams.

Cash flow planning can help you to secure your financial future and to take any necessary steps to realise your future goals, aspirations, and control any tax liabilities.



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“I have been with Cambourne ever since my divorce in 2008. My adviser has been very patient with me, helping me to understand my finances without using jargon and technical terms. If they are unavailable, the team at Cambourne are always ready to help if I have questions. I can relax knowing Cambourne are looking after my investments. If it wasn’t for them being there from the start, with their expert advice for my pension and investments, I would have been in a mess since I don’t have any knowledge of the financial markets. I will remain a faithful customer of Cambourne for many years to come.”

Michelle Kirk

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