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Investments play a significant part in planning towards key milestones in your life, not just funds for ultimate retirement, but also; paying for education costs, future property purchases, providing a legacy for your loved ones, or something that is more personal to you.

For us, each client is an individual.  We do not try to shoe-horn clients into an ‘off the shelf’ portfolio.  Our strategies broadly encompass the following:-

  • to create a diversified investment portfolio primarily to spread investment risk
  • to further diversify by using a range of different investment managers and tax wrappers
  • we prefer to employ products where investment strategy can be influenced both strategically and tactically to be able to react to changing circumstances and opportunities
  • source high quality investment products (collectives) and quality investment managers

It is important to understand that all investments will carry some form of risk.

We regularly review investment opportunities and performances to facilitate building and protecting wealth in pensions, or larger portfolios. As part of this process we carry out due diligence on all the investments and products that we recommend.


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“I have been a client of Cambourne Financial Planning Ltd. since 1993. In that time I have transitioned from Company Director to retired Football supporter, but throughout that time, Cambourne, and particularly Mark Adams, have been a constant source of advice, encouragement ……….and very positive results! The most impressive thing in my eyes, is that despite, the obvious fact that I no longer contribute to my financial pot, I am still treated with the utmost respect, consideration and friendship. I hear so many stories of disenchantment with the financial services sector, and find it very satisfying that I can recommend my advisors, Cambourne, with absolute certainty.”

John Leaver

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