Retirement Planning

At some point, we are all going to stop work and our service to clients is about helping achieve a successful transition when you want, or when the need arises.

Planning for retirement is not just about the money… it can be the emotional side which can sometimes causes the greatest angst—particularly when an individual is in a position to control when they want to retire. We all aspire to a healthy, successful and in many cases early retirement, but sometimes the closer one gets to “retirement day” the more difficult it can become to envisage.

We help you to plan for the transition from receiving a monthly salary to receiving a regular income from your retirement portfolio.

At some point in a client’s journey, achieving a successful retirement becomes the number one priority. Retirement means many different things and therefore planning has to be made bespoke to the bucket list of experiences and the quality of life you aspire to. An essential part of our holistic financial planning is to create a robust plan which is regularly assessed to ensure that you have enough money to fulfil your retirement needs.

We have a wealth of financial knowledge and experience gained within an ever-changing pension landscape from the early 1980’s to the more diverse range of retirement planning options available today.


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“On my retirement in 2008 I had a lump sum I wanted to invest and Cambourne were recommended to me by my brother in law.  They are always very helpful in advising and guiding me.  They have an excellent knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for their client.  As a novice to financial planning Cambourne has  given me sound advice whilst always explaining everything thoroughly and offering different scenarios.   It is a great comfort knowing that I can turn to a reliable and friendly financial adviser for guidance.  Cambourne’s continual advice on financial planning issues, property purchases and longer term estate planning has resulted in significant savings. I am very impressed with the personalised, friendly and professional service and advice given and how it has been tailored specifically to suit my situation and future needs. I recommended my daughter to Cambourne and she is also very happy with the advice she has received. I would highly recommend Cambourne to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes.”

Susan Taylor

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