One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is having successful client relationships

Cambourne Financial Planning began in September 1995, although, the Directors of Cambourne have been providing Independent Financial Advice to clients since 1987 and 1990 respectively. Many of our initial clients are still with Cambourne today. It is rewarding to see long-term plans come to fruition and see clients in good financial health when they need it most.

We are fortunate that we have many long-standing clients—the majority of whom have come to us through the recommendations of existing clients.


What makes a successful relationship?

Despite significant advances in technology advising is still very much a people business.

We always seek to:

  • add value to your long-term financial planning
  • build loyalty—based on mutual trust and respect
  • provide a competitively priced service which reflects the skills, work and care we undertake on a client’s behalf – making the complex simple

When is it not right to use us? Well, having been around a while, we know what we can do well, but we also know when we do not fit with an individual’s needs.

“We started working with Cambourne in 1999 after a torrid period of financial strain. I remember them taking the time to understand our lifestyle and personal goals in order to arrive at a holistic analysis of our situation. The result became the foundation of our shared strategy. Within a short time our situation improved dramatically and, after nearly 20 years with Cambourne, we have never deviated from that strategy. Sure we made tactical changes from time to time but when a judgement call is needed we go back to the strategy. I was working in corporate turnarounds with little opportunity to identify and assess new opportunities for our own money. But, the level of trust between us and Cambourne was so strong we were completely relaxed about giving them free rein to manage the portfolio. Cambourne got us through the 2008 crash unscathed and their timing for a return to the markets generated some big gains. 12 years ago we returned to France and Cambourne continues to manage most of our investments. When I compare their results with those of our French advisors Cambourne is in a different league. Even the French are reluctantly impressed with their work. And what a team Cambourne has hired. There is deep expertise throughout the organization. People with whom we have developed strong relationships. People we can trust. People who treat us like we are the only client who matters. People who really care. Cambourne is not a numbers game. Cambourne is a lifestyle management process which delivers profitable results. Cambourne truly understands that quality of performance in the numbers depends on the quality of the relationship”

David Heys France

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